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Jason Zou – Chief Market Analyst at AvaTrade

Jason Zou, AvaTrade’s chief analyst, has been with the company since 2016.

Jason’s unique approach to market psychology stems from over ten years’ experience in trend-tracking analysis and the interplay between technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis. He is well versed in all financial markets, including forex, stocks, bonds, commodities and futures; and his knowledge of the retail investment sector enables him to translate the nuts and bolts of financial analysis into a language that makes sense and immediately impacts the activities and results of his clients.

Formally trained in Shanghai, Jason has been a regular recipient of the Domestic Financial Medium’s prestigious Best Analyst award for the past 5 years running.


Sharp Trader - Education

The right education is essential for a trader to understand how to profit from the financial markets. Sharp Trader’s educational portal was developed to help traders gain this knowledge in an easy-to-use, practical format. Sharp Trader’s educational section is divided into two sections – New to Trading & Educational Videos.

The free to view beginner content includes articles and videos covering the basics of trading. It will help the novice trader gain a foundation in trading. Your journey begins with “New To Trading” section where we will discuss the essential must-knows of trading so you have a better understanding of what trading is and what it entails. You can then continue your journey on to the beginner videos which will discuss important trading concepts and jargon that are essential for the beginner trader.

Once you have grasped the basics you can then move on to our Premium Section which contains a vast archive of video content. These videos will show you in-depth trading strategies, chart patterns and help you in your trading journey by giving a varied knowledge of trading.

Along your journey with Sharp Trader you also can rest in the knowledge that you can resume where you last left off with our all new progress bar and never miss out on something that may come useful in the future.


Sharp Trader is dedicated to meeting the needs of our members. The future direction and content delivered by Sharp Trader will be dictated by our members. The goal of Sharp Trader is to give traders the cutting edge in trading education. We will listen to your opinions and suggestions and strive to bring you the support and resources you need to help you succeed at trading.