EUR/USD- German Unemployment pushed the Euro lower but the upward move could on the cards



Fundamental Analysis – Unemployment Rate increased and Angela Merkel’s challenges soared

On the European front, Angela Merkel’s electioneering campaign remains in full swing as the country is approaching to the full employment level. German unemployment numbers released today increased unexpectedly by 7K, while the forecast was a decrease by 5K which has pushed the euro lower. This has certainly created more challenges for Angela Merkel who is trying to convince Germany that she is the best person to run the country. Having said that, it is a fact that there is no recession in the country and thanks to Angela Merkel and her policies which has pulled the country out of a recession on the path of a stronger growth because, let’s not forget that Germany certainly has a spill over effect for rest of the Europe.

Gold- Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis


Fundamental Analysis – Preliminary  GDP data would fuel taper talk

Tapering talk, which is so far heavily influencing the price of the yellow metal, will take further fuel when an economic data will be released this afternoon – US Q2 GDP revision. The forecast is for the upward revision for this number to 2.2% from previous reading of 1.7%. However, there are certainly doubts if such is possible, given that the recent run of poor economic data which has been coming on the weaker side.

Global heavy Sell off Reprieve, Carney’s polices , Surprise increase in German unemployment and US GDP in focus

Global market enjoys reprieve after a heavy sell off European stock markets are trading higher during the early hours of trading. Despite these mild gains in Europe which have been filtered from the Asian and US markets, the volatility in the markets remains extremely elevated as the possibility of a military strike on Syria is still a concern…