One of the most difficult things to do when trading the financial markets is to source credible fundamental and technical analysis. At Sharp trader we realised this and have dedicated a whole section of our new site to just that. Get the latest in market news, technical and fundamental analysis in the one area, our Market analysts are interviewed and quoted on a daily basis in some of the industry’s largest media companies like Bloomberg, Forbes, CNN, CNBC and Market Watch to name a few.

Daily Briefing

Our daily briefing blogs discuss the most influential moves in the markets and the reasoning behind them. Our Analyst’s give their opinion on what news and trading opportunities hold the most weight for the day.

Technical Analysis

Understanding what technical data to focus on can help traders gain an edge in the market; our technical analysts give their opinions on what markets are most likely to move using their knowledge of technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis

Find out what fundamental news is most likely to move a market and why? Read our analysts blogs on the news that holds the most weight and has the potential to move markets in your favour or against it.

Video Analysis

Our chief analysts talk to you about what to look out for over the coming days in the markets you are trading and give their opinion and why, these videos are great for analysis on the go directly from AvaTrade HQ.