For beginner traders we have a library of short videos which go into the basics of trading terminology from an “Introduction to trading” to “Technical and fundamental analysis”. These videos are a short and to the point overview of the basic knowledge a trader will need when learning to trade.

Once you have completed our beginner videos you can then move on to the more advanced area of our educational videos or if you are a more experienced trader you may feel this is a more relevant starting point. The advanced area has a library of videos written by traders and analysts with a vast knowledge of trading, these videos cover topics such as “The Gartley pattern” and “Key economic indicators used by the central bank”.

Our educational videos also have a new feature where each video you watch, your progress is saved and you can return to where you finished with ease. Whether you are watching on the commute to work or before the markets open, you can be assured your progress will be there when you return.

Beginner Videos

Our beginner videos give our clients an insight into the world of trading and the basic knowledge to help build a successful trading career.

Advanced Videos

Our advanced videos are useful to any experienced trader looking to brush up on their knowledge or learn new trading strategies.