No stopping bull rally

The Dow Jones composite closed on another day high, and is now only inches away from 20,000 points. The important milestone could be reached much quicker than expected. Even with bearish news coming from Europe it still didn’t stop the Blue chip index surging forward. Currently the markets trading pattern has been very unprecedented. It moves closer to risky territory as it is becoming difficult to predict where the market is heading to. This unhealthy climb has increased the possibility of another bubble ready to burst. Presently the S&P 500 is still viewed as the key measure for economic performance but the Dow is now becoming a fierce contender for the title. The greenback is the obvious winner in the FX market pushing past all economic forecasts and predictions.

Barclays & the top 10%

Barclay’s have launched a ‘flight desk’ system in an effort to rank clients in order of probability. The bank is going to tell 7000 customers to either do more trading with the bank or leave he organisation. This is a premise that can be seen throughout the banking industry.